Friday, November 28, 2008

The latest news...

My initial HCG was 108. Adequate, I think. Of course, I keep comparing with my last pregnancy, with Ethan it was 129.

I have to stop doing this.

Today I had my second HCG and progesterone. HCG 218.5 and progesterone 60.2. It doubled, yay. Still can't call it a BFP, in my mind, I will jinx this pregnancy. I know I'm totally crazy, but I can't celebrate just yet. I don't get it. But, this is how I feel, I'm holding my breath, waiting to exhale a breath of relief. Unfortunately, I know this will not happen until I have a baby in my arms, my baby in my arms.

So, we have our first viability ultrasound Dec. 12th at 1:15. Another wait.

In the meantime, I will just try to take care of myself and try to maintain my "sanity".

Oh yeah, and I have started taking heparin. 2000 units SQ every other day. And still taking my progesterone IM injections. Yay, I'm a pin cushion.


Andrea said...

I can sooo relate to waiting to exhale. I felt like that my entire 3rd trimester after losing Alia's twin brother...I didn't or rather couldn't allow myself to really believe that I would have a baby until I actually held her. Wishing you good things.

Lisa DG said...

Check this out- I am sure you can relate:

It is written by a fellow blogger, also now finding herself pregnant.

I'll believe for you that it is your time to have your dream. As for you, maybe you can take up knitting or something else equally distracting.

Ya Chun said...

All the poking will be worth it, I just feel it. (((((hugs)))))

Anonymous said...

Hey good luck & congrats!

mrsmuelly said...

OMG, OMG...I am totally out of the loop! We are both pregnant???? I wish you could hear me, I just let out the biggest sigh. I'm walking right along with you! Congratulations.