Monday, November 10, 2008

CD 15

I am so over this cycle. I had 4 follies Saturday when I went in for my follicle scan. It's been a rough one this time, our insurance isn't helping any either. We don't have coverage for the IUI or the follie scan, but we do get coverage for the medications. I'm glad about this, but on Saturday after my RE increased my dose to 300 iu of Menopur we had to rush to the pharmacy and my insurance made us jump through hoops. At the end, we ended up paying for the medication on our own. Apparently, now my insurance needs preauthorization to fill this rx and so on. So, $325 later we drive home with our 5 vials of Menopur.

I hope today we get the greenlight to go forward with the HCG shot and then we can do our IUI on Wednesday. I hope it works. I keep telling myself we only need one mature follicle. I got pregnant with Ethan with 1 follicle.

On a side note, we have finally begun to move forward with picking out a headstone for Ethan. We've delayed it for a bit, almost 6 months now. November 23rd will be his 6 month anniversary. It was something I couldn't bring myself to do initially. I feel as if it's the last thing we will do for him, it's the finality. I wanted to delay it for as long as I could. Also, I didn't just want to put any ole headstone there for him. It's a sacred place for us, and we must chose wisely.


Monica H said...

When we chose the boys headstones, we waited a while too. In fact we didn't order any headstones until afte Jack was born (6 months later). I, too, felt it was so final. Like it really made them being dead and buried so...FINAL. In a way, I felt like it was the last thing I could do for them. I could purchaes the best and most perfect headstone for them and that was it- they'd never need me anymore.

So we had their headstone customized with our own pictures- a bunny for Jack and my husband's race car for Sam. And we had they foot prints put on the headstone as well. I didn't want anything generic for my sons. It ended up costing us quite a bit more but it's what I wanted for them and the least of what they deserved.

Travelwahine said...

Monica - I know what you mean. I feel the same way, money for this is not an issue. I actually took the pictures of Jack and Sam's headstone to the funeral director, I think we will do a combination of your babie's headstone and I want a picture of Ethan added on.

Thank you.

Who would've ever thought two deadbabymama's would be sharing headstone information. But, it's the way life is for us. I thank God for allowing me to be with other women like me. Women who know what I'm going through.

Thank you again Monica.