Friday, February 20, 2009

Quick update

Well, I just returned from my OB's office. I completed the 1 hour glucose tolerance test. And I received the results of my repeat antibodies test. They are still present, still nonspecific and my Dr's partner assured me they checked for all of the antibodies which could possible affect the baby and they are not there. YAY!!!!! She said sometimes they are transient antibodies and mean nothing to a pregnancy. She reassured me and told me not to worry. They will repeat the test at 28 weeks.

I'm relieved! Now I'm off to my scheduled massage appointment.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Please grant me serenity...

It's been a while since I've blogged, Jason is sick. I think he has the flu, it's definitely going around. I would rather see him jumping off the sofa then sleeping all day. We're on day 2, I hope he gets better soon.

On to other news, I am now a few days from being 16 weeks pregnant. We just recently told my parents the news and it's out at work as well. I had my OB appt. today. The heart rate was 160, I've gained 3lbs and all seemed to be going well. Then my OB told me my blood test revealed positive antibodies. It caught me off guard. Antibodies. WTF? She went on to explain that I have antibodies present on my red blood cells but not in sufficient quantity to be able to determine what specific antigen they are reacting to. She said at this point, the baby is fine. But she went ahead and we had a redrawn done. It took me a while to absorb all of this information. On the drive home, I realized that if she said the baby is fine RIGHT NOW, that could change if I continue to have these antibodies. I am Rh positive, and so is my husband. So there is no way the baby could be Rh negative. So, what else could it be. Then I googled it, and there is so many different antibodies. I had a mini freakout, but had to stop to take care of Jason.

So, for now. I am going to cross my fingers and pray that the repeat blood draw doesn't reveal anymore antibodies. It's so frustrating, just when I began to actually allow myself to feel hope. This happens. Although, Dr. J didn't seem to concerned. She said sometimes the blood work will reveal these antibodies and they mean nothing. I hope this is the case.