Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Conversation with a 3rd grader

Oct. 3, 2010
This is a conversation I had with my son, while shopping:

My son: Mommy, you know Reed had a brother before and he died.

Me: Oh really, I didn't know. Was he younger than Reed.

My son: I don't know, but I know he died just like ours.

I Pause. This takes my breath away... We check out, now we're in the car driving.

Me: So, how did you find out about Reed's brother dying.

My son: My other friend told me, his brother died just like Ethan did. I think it was his umbilical cord, too.

Me: So, how did you guys start talking about this?

My son: Oh, in religion. Andy my friend always says a special prayer for his brother in heaven.

Me: Do you do the same for your brother?

My son: Yes, I just say "special mention", and that's it. I don't say anything else but I'm thinking of Ethan. I don't want anyone to ask me more about it.


Monica H said...

Bless his heart. This brought tears to my eyes.

Lizy said...

Gabriel asks me about his brother and sister all the time. Sometimes he runs to strangers and tells them "did you know my brother and sister are dead..." Very hard. But is is how he is mourning. Then I get that look I hate from the people. You know that awful look. I wish people didn't have to look at me like that. Hugs, I am still here. Thinking of you and Ethan. Glad our children love them just as much as we do. Lizy in Chicago

Misty said...

Simply beautiful. I cant imagine how it feels for siblings especially young ones. And to even understand is amazing. I am so glad he thinks of his brother. I hope when my youngest is older he will think of his big brother the same way. He already looks at his brothers pictures and says "bubba" and it just melts my heart, or even just looking at something I can not see he points and says "bubba" which makes me believe his brother is there.

Bless you.