Wednesday, July 8, 2009

While cementing our induction date...

Yes, as we were there with the nurse, she was writing us into the Friday induction schedule, I happened to look at the name next to ours. Yes, I'm nosy, but in my defense she was a slow writer and it gave me plenty of time to glance at the schedule book. Anyway, I looked at the name next to ours and there was a name of a patient. Under her history section, it read "Stillborn at 38 weeks", that's it. She will also be there Friday evening to begin her labor induction.

I am amazed and shocked and saddened by how often this happens. WHY??? I hate it. It made me think how much we are more similar to one another than not. Everyone knows of someone who has suffered the loss of a child due to stillbirth. I HATE IT!!!!

In the meantime, I will be praying and hoping for all of us mothers who have once again (thankfully) are pregnant and ready to deliver. May WE all have safe and healthy deliveries. Thinking of all of you. And wishing everyone strength and peace.


Two Hands said...

It's heartbreaking and it happens far more often than we'd like to admit. Many of my peers were shocked out of their complacency when one of our classmates had a pre-term labour and then when one of them attended a stillbirth.
It happens. It's terrible.
My heart goes out to all of the mothers everywhere.
I'm counting down with you and will be checking obsessively when I know you're in being induced.

Monica H said...

I came over thinking your little girl was already here, but I'm glad to see I didn't miss it!

Wishing you strength and peace too in the next couple days.


Andrea said...

Oh boy, it's Saturday a.m. and I'm thinking you're in the hospital looking at your beautiful daughter...I hope all went well and you're healthy and happy!

mrsmuelly said...

Perhaps you were given the slow writer on purpose - you were suppose to be nosey! At least you knew you weren't alone.