Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I'm in a South American jungle, riding in a jeep or something similar. We get a flat tire. We pull up next to a bus station waiting area, I get out of the car. My OB Dr. J and Russell Crowe are there. I lay in the bus stop waiting area, I ask my sister to cover it up with blankets. I lay down on the bench, I'm in labor. But, it doesn't hurt. I reach down, in between my legs, I feel the moist, soft, pliable skull of my baby girl. I push as much as I can, and there she is. Alive, breathing, slick. I am caressing her, drying her off. She is beautiful. Absolutely beautiful and she's alive. I wipe the blood off her, I can see her cord, no knot. She's in my arms. She looks just like I imagined her to look. I'm so happy, ecstatic actually. The feeling of her weight in my arms is magical.

I wake up, it was a dream.


Two Hands said...

What a beautiful dream (with the added bonus of Russell Crowe!).
I wish all births were so peaceful and happy.

Monica H said...

I hope it happens this way, minus the jungle and the bus stop!

Lisa DG said...

What a great dream! I am so happy for you that you are almost there.

I had this recurring fantasy after Sally Ann died that, for my next pregnancy, I would get a c-section as early as the doctor would allow to just get that live baby out alive. Now I know that's just silly dead baby mama thinking.

Try to sit back and relax- your life is about to change forever. May the next several weeks be smooth and easy for you...

Mom of 3 and bride-to-be! said...

Lifting you up in prayers.


Much much love and prayer,


Ya Chun said...

hm, seems like the dream was about something else and got preempted with a very nice birth!